Lime Green Lizzard Promotions

Past Events

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Upcoming Events

Postponed, 2014

2ND Annual Great Bay Area Balloon Launch

The Even has been temporarily postponed and the next date will be announced as soon as we know.
from Wuerfel Park prior to the TC Beach Bums Baseball game.

30,000+ tickets will be distributed FREE to youth organizations throughout North West Michigan.

groups will sell tickets on guess how high the ballon will go. All proceeds from ticket sales are kept by the selling group posters, fliers and other promotional materials are provided by LGLP FREE to all participants there are not costs to the groups.

All ticket sellers will receive free tickets to the TC Beach Bums Game and can participate in the Fun Run and prize drawings on game day.


All guesses that come within 1,000ft above or below the actual altitude reached will be entered into a drawing.

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Lime Green Lizzard Promotions
Mission Statement


LGLP was formed to assist Northern Michigan youth organizations in their fundraising efforts, by providing free services including counseling, materials and financial support.
There is never any cost to the organization for LGLP services and materials.
LGLP does this in the hope that today’s youth will make our nations future bright and prosperous.

What We Do

Working with local event sponsors we provide youth organizations, materials and marketing support for local fundraising events. We assist in organization, purchasing of materials and enlisting sponsor and media support and guarantee that there will be no expense to the organization for anything that LGLP provides.

Elizabeth Courtright, President

Bill Courtright, CEO/Chairman of the Board

August, To Be Announced

Go For The Hole(Hole in One) Week Long Event

More information will be available soon.

November 11th, 2014

Veterans Day Flag Restoration Project

More information will be available soon.